• Creating outfits for video clips is where we can further develop our creativity so that artists can show the world that they are as unique with the clothes they wear in their video clips as with the songs they sing. 


    Desde Ekamai Club Showroom We give the artists the exclusivity and authenticity they deserve, since in a video clip the great responsibility is acquired by the artistic team (make-up, hairdressing and costumes).  


    A video clip is made to see, inspire you and transport you to the story that each artist is telling, so for us that connection with the artists is essential to be able to visually transmit the concept they ask of us. 


    We leave you here the video clips that have marked us the most so that you know a little more about what we do. 


    It makes us very happy that such influential artists are committed to ethical, sustainable and unique fashion, since with this they are instilling a very positive message in society.